GST Registration


Trusted by 5K+ small business owners, Rajan Modi & Associates is leading the industry and help you register your GSTIN number at the affordable cost. We thrive to make the process of taxation simpler for you.

What is GST Registration?

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax which includes other taxes like Service tax, Sales tax, Excise duty etc.

Walk through the points below to know who all need GST Registration:

  • In India, GST registration is mandatory for any individual with a taxable supply turnover of more than Rs. 20 lakhs.
  • Or, businesses making sales outside their own state
  • Or, e-commerce seller supplying goods or services with the name of his brand
  • Or, entities that are having their business branches in more than one state or having more than one business verticals in one state

Check the benefits of registering your business under GST:

  • You get authorized to collect taxes from your customers as well as can pass on the taxes credit paid to them.
  • You can claim Input Text Credit of taxes paid to your suppliers and can exploit the same for the payment of taxes unpaid.
  • There is a hassle-free flow of Input Tax Credit from the suppliers to the recipients at the national level.

How to do GST Registration?

Take services from Rajan Modi & Associates for the GST Registration. We will take care of all your needs in the best way possible. We offer:

  • GST Certificate with ARN and GSTIN number
  • GST HSN codes with rates
  • GST invoice formats
  • GST Return filings template for maintaining records

GST government return filing software .